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Thinking about playing roulette? First you should
read about my one-year experience…

As a student I was looking for a way to get some extra money, so I decided to try my luck playing online roulette. Two months before I made my first payment to casino account, I was testing roulette systems. Considering the given results, I was very positive but I couldn’t even imagine what was going to happen.

My first deposit was $100 and I instantly received 300% bonus, so at the start I have already had $400. I played online roulette every day for about an hour and gained more money day after day. After two months of playing I altogether won $25 000. At first all of my friends were suspicious but after a month, they also started to play. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to earn that kind of money. Unfortunately, there is always a "but".

Problems started when I withdrew most of my casino winnings. Suddenly, casino closed my account but fortunately, they first paid me all of my winnings. I sent them e-mail asking why did they close my account and the answer was that I didn’t play “fair”. Of course, that was just an excuse because they didn’t prefer to give someone a large amount of money. I didn’t want to bother myself anymore with this casino so I’ve decided to open a new account in another casino. Then a new problem occurred.

All of casinos at which I tried to create new accounts, immediately blocked them for “security reasons”. Then I realized that all casinos were interconnected and that they share information about players who won some large amount of money.

Then I decided to open an account under my brother’s name. When I opened a new account, I saw that casinos enhanced their limits so I had to make some adaptations to the roulette system. I started to request payouts of about $6000 every two months, playing one hour a day.

Of course, It didn’t take them long to close that account also. They closed it after my fifth payout. I didn’t bother to ask them why. I simply opened a new account on my girlfriend’s name and continued to play successfully…

Considering that it’s only matter of time when they’ll close this account, and that I can’t be opening new accounts in infinity, I have decided to publish my story on the internet.

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